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Considering the Internet is so interconnected today, you might think that death puts the Internet to rest. Your friends can look at your grey gravestone and see the same old-fashioned name and history. But Mykiea wants to make sure your loved ones remain connected to your graveyard with the smart Tombstones. Using a custom theme, anyone can write anything they want on their gravestone. The displays are equipped with sensors that turn them on only when someone is looking at them, conserving power and making them fit in with the surrounding landscape.

Why Choose Mykiea

  • App-Based Monitoring - Mobile phones and other internet-connected devices may use the 360-degree camera to keep track of the position of graves. The Mykiea app makes it simple for mourners' loved ones to find the gravesite where their loved one has been laid to rest.
  • Digital Display - At first look, the waterproof tombstones may seem no different from conventional ones. But the interactive touchscreen is used to show photos, movies, and other information about the departed.
  • Track the Visitors - Don't be alarmed if someone you care about is mistreated. Changes in funeral rituals are inevitable as time goes on.
  • 24/7 Connectivity - Smart tombstones will be available on a monthly subscription basis, with prices beginning at $15. It has a 5G LTE technology surveillance package that monitors and secures a cherished family member's sleeping environment with unlimited Internet and Bluetooth connection throughout the day.
  • Free Flower - Free weekly flower delivery for a whole month. In addition, one month of free lawn care service and installation and setup.
  • Endowment Charity - Smart Tombstone NFT plans to give 25% of its profits to 9/11-related charities and progressive groups. As part of our Tombstone repurchase campaign, we intend to replace 1 billion existing tombstones with Mykiea Legacy Smart Tombstones.
  • Free Refund - The first shipments of Mykiea Smart Tombstones should begin in the autumn of 2023. When the order ships, we'll take pre-orders for $500 or $3000. This is helpful since our purchase cost $4250 if we hadn't placed a pre-order. We'll also return your $500 deposit in full if you change your mind, so you have nothing to worry about.


  • Fully Refundable

    Your pre order amount $500 is fully refundable in case of change of mind or any other factor.
    We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.
    You can always contact us for any return question at


    Now save your amount by using our pre-order service in a fully refundable and easy installment offer. This is limited time offer.

    Deposit $500 as per-order on Mykiea. The Remaining $3000 with approved credit w.a.c. customer is based on a monthly subscription package plan and Smart Tombstone Fee for a term of 12 months is collected in easiest installment plan. We will send you invoice after you have placed the per-order.

  • Partnership

    For serious inquiries partnerships call/text Mykiea Founder directly at (808-208-2672)