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Legacy Smart Tombstone 1

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Legacy Smart Tombstone 1
Legacy Smart Tombstone 1

Legacy Smart Tombstone 1

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How to Operate the Smart Tombstone

  • Easily Locate the correct stone
  • Connect to the app
  • Touch the panel display and camera
  • View Pictures, Videos, Messages from the deceased

Use the app to show you how the deceased may look like if was alive today. From Smart Phones to Smart Picture Frames and well. Experience the All-New Legacy Smart Tombstone exclusively at Mykiea.


View High Resolution Images, Previews and information as you want


Survey and monitor burial grounds via a 360 degree camera feature


We are always concerned about saving the energy and electricity

A Completely Committed and Dedicated Brand that You can Trust

We are always working hard to make the best use of modern technology and create something which will always be linked to your heart. And our smart tombstone is one of the successful creations. In this tombstone we have set up high quality camera and sensor feature, along with that you can use Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity to link with friends and family members through chats or video calls on the tombstone's touch screen whenever visitors pay their respects on-site, All via the Legacy Mobile App.


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You can easily measure the differences between a Traditional and a Smart Tombstone

Assisted by Artificial Intelligence, the Legacy Smart Tombstone sports virtual animation of lost loved ones, enabling family members to view and even interact with relatives who have passed on. And because we understand that the loss of family or friends is never without difficulty, we offer Bereavement and Grief Consultation Services, available 24/7 with professional staff ready to provide the emotional and psychological support you need to keep moving forward.

  • Synchronization of multiple tombstones
  • Sign up, add pictures, and create a unique family legacy tree
  • Access any information anytime you want

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An Offer only available for the first 10,000 buyers, Pre-order a Legacy Smart Tombstone Today and receive free white-glove installation of your tombstone complimentary 90-day landscaping and many more!


Story of the Founder

I am a 29 yrs old transgender woman, was currently incarcerated in the Alabama Department of corrections, got my life together while I was in prison and started a multi billion dollar company in Alabama to help others memorialize and preserve the life legacies of their loved ones using my smart Tombstone Mykiea Holdings lls was established in January 2021.


"Mykiea is one of the most innovative brand bringing technology in both useful and emotional way that probably no one could think about"