Welcome To Mykiea Legacy Smart Tombstones

Mykiea Smart Tombstones will be ready to ship in fall 2023. We are offering Pre order with $500 and $3000 once the order ships. This will benefit as our order price is $4250 without pre order. We also offer a 100% refund of your $500 deposit so you don't have to worry.



  • App-Based Monitoring

    Mobile phones MAY USE 360-Degree camera to keep track of graves.

  • Track the Visitors

    Don't be alarmed if someone you care about is mistreated.

  • 24/7 Connectivity

    It has a 5G LTE technology surveillance package with unlimited Internet and Bluetooth connection

  • Free Flower

    Free weekly flower delivery for a whole month & one month free lawn care service and installation and setup.


Pre order and Get $700 off


Get 100% refund


Our Smart Tombstones will be ready to ship in fall 2023.

  • A Tombstone with Interactive Connections

    Creating heartfelt monuments for the departed is at the core of this new invention. For us, it is a natural impulse to memorialize our loved ones in the most meaningful way. We can get help with this, thanks to Mykiea Smart Tombstones nowadays. Families and friends can relive their lives using integrated displays that display photographs and audio recordings of deceased individuals' lives.

  • A look at the Metaverse Cemetery

    When attempting to identify an unmarked grave in a cemetery, you may likely come across tombstones with etched designs of strangers. Having read the condolences expressed by the families of those who have passed away, maybe you even felt a sense of kinship. Over time, these markings fade, and we are left with only their names to remember the departed. Because of the developments made possible by the digital era, digital
    gravestones may now be used to pay respect to loved ones in physical form while also providing you with an online opportunity to remember the fantastic tales of those who have passed away.


    With the love and support of this double duo clan please welcome mykiea Legacy Smart Tombstone CEO Marlin and Christina. They  are committed to the  excellence of preserving your loved ones legacy with dignity and respect and are dedicated to not only Preserving your family Legacy but also in promoting and operating this company in place of the company Founder Mykiea M Miller for only a short time until our founders expected return.

  • The Story Behind Mykiea:

    Mykiea M. Miller was accused of taking her goods from a lady's
    vehicle; however, the courts and witnesses testified that they had no evidence or proof of Mykiea being anywhere near the incident. Mykiea had always envisioned herself as an entrepreneur while serving a prison sentence for a crime she didn't commit. In cell evenings, she writes about her business ideas and ponders how to improve herself. It finally
    struck that she could use her limited resources and access to a
    cellphone to develop a solution to the problem of being able to couple anything with a mobile app. After Mykiea approached an innovation firm with her concept, they got to work on the legal papers. As it turned out, Mykiea had enough money to cover the cost of the 20-year patent for
    $6,000. The LLC for Mykiea Holdings Trademark Design patent enlisted the help of a designer to bring her concept to life. Mykiea's goal is to make Mykiea's legacy smart tombstone the next multi-billion dollar business in Alabama and create 1,000 employment.